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Saturday, December 14, 2013

For Patrick

There are days where I still soar
Back to who we were before.

I watch us dance, amidst the gray
Before the trees began to sway.

Promises, in tethered dreams
But safety wasn't what it seemed.

I felt the chill
I watched the skies
They mocked my desperate, muffled cries.

Broken glass and flooded streets,
She moved the ground beneath my feet.

A force delivered you from me
Now, there are things I cannot see.

Red rubber balls and folded hands
Lay punctured, drowning in the sand.

The aftermath, and I am lost
In nature's unforgiving cost.

But that same wind that bent the trees
She moves the clouds, and lifts the seeds.

And even though I can't forget
The stars will burn.
The sun shall set.

On remnants of a life now made
Of siren sounds and yesterdays.


1 comment:

  1. I found it. I read it for you. You're an amazing writer, a beautiful soul, a fantastic mama,clearly an incredible sister, and so much more.