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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Josie

This is for you, the first step out of bed.
These legs that don't quiver, 
This strength I won't shed.

These hands do your work, love
This heart beats for you.
Though they knew you briefly, 
These arms are yours, too.

This is for you, 
Every wound they can't see.
And the crease in the hand
Where a daughter's should be.

Every ray on this skin
All the mornings I wake,
Every laugh, every scar, 
Every breath you won't take. 

Yours is every dance
Every joy, unforseen.
As you steady my step
While I'm mocked by the spring.

I'll meet you in silence
And I'll treasure your face
In the smile of a brother,
Or a father's embrace.

But when grief won't relent-
And the light starts to fade-
Threatening to drown
This mother you made, 

A pulse shall arise
From the soul it once grew.
I promise, my darling
I'll do it for you.

To:  My Josephine
Love: Mom 


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