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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Head and The Heart.

Nine months is no year, I know that. 
Nine months is an eternity.

To My Dominic Joseph, on your (9 Month) Birthday-

If there's a head and a heart you are surely the latter.
I couldn't love you more if I tried.  And for awhile, I tried not to. 

You see, before you arrived and my head said you wouldn't
My heart loved you despite being told that it shouldn't.   

That's the thing about hearts.  They don't listen.
And bless them for it.

If there's a head and a heart, you are surely the latter.

Because hearts don't stop when a daughter's does.
Even when you're sure it will. 
And bless them for it. 

If the head is the fear that's preventing the "where"
The heart is the reason the feet make it there.

The head can remind and predict and inscribe
But the heart knows the reason.  The heart is the drive.

If there's a head and a heart, you are surely the latter.

You have saved me in every way a heart can save.
And bless you for it.

For I thought it was fruitless.  I thought it all dead. 
And you came and I heard what the heart knows instead.

That death can move flesh while a love never dies
That life can remove while a hope grows in size.

That the heart is the path to all heads can't amend-
And the heart can release what the head will suspend. 

It's the heart that can silence the mind; stop the talking
It's the heart that looks death in the face and keeps walking. 

My heart, in the oceans you open to see
My heart, in the life that you breathed into me.

You're my heart, my beloved.   Every moment, a joy.

My beautiful rainbow.
My sweet baby boy.



  1. Beautiful Nora. Thank goodness for our hearts. And for our rainbows. Love to all 5 of you.

  2. "the heart can release what the head will suspend"

    So, so true. I sometimes can't believe that my sunshine can make my heart feel so joyful, even after everything we've endured. But she can. She makes the hurt disappear when I'm totally absorbed in her - not forever, but for that moment- completely. What a gift.